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The Future of Energy Initiative is an open source working group. Our mission is to develop sustainable concepts for clean energy systems. Our role is architect. As engineers we focus on tipping points and the key technical questions that will ultimately determine the structural foundations of clean energy systems.

Our chosen goal is to power the planet without fossil fuel. With finite fossil resources, this goal is inevitable and has no ambiguity except for timing. Whether it is 20, 50, or 100 years, it is important for policymakers to understand which concepts can be scaled to deliver 3.4 x 1017 Wh/y of primary sustainable energy. This process is explained in a paper titled Engineering Clean Energy Systems.



        A monograph explains why Marylandís climate goals as defined by the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act and the Renewable Portfolio Standard are inconsistent.

        The PJM Concept Definition Study proposes a study to define concepts for practical electric power systems as emissions approach zero.

        Charles Rhodes explains why nuclear fission will evolve towards fast neutron reactors and the nuances behind interruptible electricity markets.

        In a 2 page layman article, Ralph Ellis explains Why Ice Ages Occur without resorting to CO2 as a greenhouse gas (unpublished).